Burisma Group launches three new wells

8 July 2019

In June, Burisma Group’s operating companies commissioned well No. 38 at Karaykozivske field, as well as wells No. 5 and No. 7 at Vodyanivske field. The depth of two of these three wells exceeds 6 thousand meters, which makes them of one of the deepest not only among those in the Group’s portfolio, but also among those owned by other gas companies in Ukraine.

The Group used U.S. pitless drilling equipment with complete waste disposal. This allowed to successfully drill wells to the designed depth a lot sooner than planned. According to Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeyniy, the drilling of each well was completed within 6 months.

“The depth of well No. 38 at Karaykozivske field is 5,250 m, and its daily indicators exceeded our expectations, yielding 200 thousand gas and 100 cubic meters of condensate. Wells №5 and №7 at Vodyanivske field are 6,210 and 6,520 meters, respectively. We used pitless drilling equipment, in particular,  SK2000 and SK3000 units. From each well of Vodyanivske field we are expecting to get even better results,” says Taras Burdeinyi.

According to the investment plan, in February 2019, Burisma Group began drilling well No. 3 at Vodyanivske field. In total, the Group is planning to drill 18 wells by the end of the year. Burisma Group also started the reconstruction of the integrated gas treatment unit (GTU) at Vodyanivske field, which will increase the daily volumes of natural gas from current 500-600 thousand to 3 million cubic meters. Reconstruction will cost circa UAH 160 million.

“Even though global energy prices affect every company, we are constantly searching for the most effective production intensification techniques. In addition, we carefully study seismic data in order to maximize the use of resources. We believe that our investment program will withstand global energy cost reduction. In fact, this is part of our strategy aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s energy independence and energy security,” adds Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeynyi.

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