Burisma Group Companies Switch to ProZorro E-Procurement System

24 January 2017

In 2017, operating companies of the International Energy Group Burisma has completely switched to procurement of goods and services through the electronic system ProZorro. Burisma companies also participate in tenders on a regular basis through ProZorro platform, offering their products and services to contractors.

Burisma Group established a special Department responsible for procurements and tenders through ProZorro. Employees of the Department have received a special training to enhance their skills in using the platform.

“The ProZorro platform is based on principles of transparency, accessibility, equal rights and conditions, and fair competition. Anyone can follow the progress of an auction, access information on different tenders and price for which a product or service was sold, view contracts, etc. We want to take part in the project aimed at improving market access and making it equal for all participants. Burisma Group companies decided to completely switch to the e-procurement through ProZorro. As an international company, transparency is our top priority; it pervades all business activities of our Group companies. We intend to become a leading player in the public procurement market by number of operations and set an example for the whole industry”, – noted Advisor to the President at Burisma Group Karina Zlochevska.

Due to public access to the e-procurement system and tenders, Burisma Group companies managed to expand their portfolio, increasing the number of clients by more than a hundred companies and organizations, and becoming a natural gas supplier to such large public Ukrainian enterprises as Kyivvodokanal (water supplier), Ukrposhta (postal service), Kiev Metro and others.

ProZorro is an electronic procurement system, developed in close cooperation between the Ukrainian government, business sector, and civil society with the view to establishing a transparent and efficient platform for public procurements. Prozorro system excludes corruption as it can be accessed and monitored by anyone, and increases the number of suppliers to public enterprises and organizations. E-procurement system ProZorro has replaced conventional tender procedure. The system allows participants to hold bidding in an open and transparent manner with a minimum set of documents, and determine the winner of the tender. Since the launch of the project, Ukraine has saved over UAH 10 billion of budget funds.  ProZorro system has proven its effectiveness in the fight against corruption, not only in public procurement but also in commercial tenders. ProZorro became a milestone in anti-corruption reforming in Ukraine. The system allows companies to optimize their expenses through public monitoring, transparency and accountability.


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