Second Annual Energy Security Forum Takes Place in Monaco

11 October 2017

The Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Kistion shared his views on prospects and challenges for the Ukrainian energy sector.

Organized by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Burisma Group and Adam Smith Conferences, the second annual forum on Energy Security for the Future welcomed in Monaco over 200 politicians, officials and businesspeople from all over the world to discuss strategic development and energy innovations.

“We have come here to focus on a particularly sensitive subject: that of energy security. I want to stress how important this issue is, and, above all, how it must be tackled globally. Today, the energy market is at a crossroads. The energy model that our society has adopted over the last few decades has clearly revealed its numerous shortcomings. It is our duty to abandon our current energy model and construct a new one before it is too late”, noted Prince Albert II of Monaco in his opening remarks.

The Monaco Forum provides an exclusive platform to define a strategic agenda for European and international energy. “Things that we are discussing here are not abstract. In fact, they are very tangible. At the very beginning, we should set our short and long-term priorities straight”, admitted former President of Slovenia Danilo Türk.

The Ukrainian government has developed an energy strategy until 2035, and has already launched it. The Vice-Prime-Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion shared with the attendees his views on prospects and challenges for the Ukrainian energy sector.

“Ukraine fully supports global trends. The European Union Association Agreement, the European Energy Union and the Strategic Partnership Agreement show that our country made a sound decision”, noted the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.

The Forum organizers expect that in the future the event will bring together even more global leaders, opinion makers and businesspeople ready to implement advanced strategies.