Burisma Group is the leading private natural gas producer operating in Ukraine. Offering a wide range of services, we are the first and only fully integrated gas operator in Ukraine engaged in the exploration, production, processing, transportation, and final sale of hydrocarbons


Gas production in all major basins in Ukraine


Market share among private gas producers

 billion UAH

Taxes payed over past 2 years


Our deepest well

Global initiatives


Annual Monaco Energy Security Forum

Atlantic Council

Fostering innovation and international energy initiatives

Adam Smith Conferences

Promoting Ukrainian energy efficiency efforts

Board of Directors

Alan Apter
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Has 27 year experience in investment banking, including Merrill Lynch, Renaissance Capital, Troika Dialog and Morgan Stanley

Aleksander Kwaśniewski

The President of the Republic of Poland in 1995-2005. Member of the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group

Joseph Cofer Black

The former Director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center (1999-2002) and Ambassador at Large for counter-terrorism (2002-2004)

Karina Zlochevska

Ms Zlochevska is responsible for strategic development and cooperation with international corporations and investors


Social projects

are an important component of the Burisma Group's activities

A new dancing class for the kinds is presented by KUB-GAS to Child and Youth Activity Center in Borova on St. Nikolas Day

It has already been mentioned about the sad condition of the Child and Youth Activity Center in Borova. Every day, it is attended by several hundreds of local children. Here they go into various sport or handcraft sections, learn to play chess, to dance, etc.


Social projects

are an important component of the Burisma Group's activities

From well to house: who helps the gas “to find its way” to our homes

Most of us have never pondered on the question how gas comes to our houses. How many people are engaged into the process of gas production – this information is not much widespread.  Most people know only about geologists and drillers. (more…)