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Social projects

are an important component of the Burisma Group's activities

A new dancing class for the kinds is presented by KUB-GAS to Child and Youth Activity Center in Borova on St. Nikolas Day

It has already been mentioned about the sad condition of the Child and Youth Activity Center in Borova. Every day, it is attended by several hundreds of local children. Here they go into various sport or handcraft sections, learn to play chess, to dance, etc.

The building was constructed in 1966 and has not been improved ever since then. No capital repair or renovation was carried out there since. Random small repairs were performed out of “urgent emergency”, they were of selective nature and mainly at the expense of parents and sponsors. The window frames are shabby and electrical wiring does not meet the modern demands. Kids had to stay in the old and time-worn premises.

In this poor condition the Child and Youth Activity Center in Borova township has been until the recent time.

Borova community was alarmed with critical condition of their Child and Youth Activity Center. In particular, Iryna Buzhor, director of the Child and Youth Activity Center, believes that roof and windows need to be repaired first of all. The window frames are in critical condition. In general, it is warm in the premises, but renovation is a must to be able to meet the modern demands, sustain the requirements of the present standards and perform is social function.

Borova community applied to the local municipality who helped to design the Refurbishment Project for the building, the cost of which was estimated as 2.5 million hryvnias.

Realization of the project required sponsorship.

KUB-GAS, whose daughter company produces gas on the territory of Borova, was the first one to answer the request. On October 6, 2018 KUB-GAS handed the certificate for 100 thousand hryvnias to director of the Child and Youth Activity Center.

Teaching staff and schoolchildren’s parents have taken the decision to spend the money they received from the company on renovating the dance class.

Magic transformation of the choreographic class took only one month 

Before the repair, it was quite sad to look at the class — the need in financing and capital refurbishment was obvious. In only one month the class was beyond recognition.

Window frames were replaced with new ones, the ceiling was refurbished, laminated flooring was lain down, the walls were smoothed and new wallpaper was put – all was done on a turnkey basis.

“We thank KUB-GAS for the opportunity to have such a wonderful place which we have in the result of repair. We will continue to have our choreographic classes and to make feasts here”, — Iryna Buzhor, director of the Child and Youth Activity Center commented.

On December 19th the new hall hosted the feast of the St. Nikolas Day. Not only the kids, but also their parents were invited, as well as the head of Borova district State Administration, his assistants and KUB-GAS representatives.

In order the kids to feel the spirit of coming holiday fuller, on St. Nikolas day KUB-GAS company presented the Child and Youth Activity Center with a Christmas tree. According to Borova community representative, this is the biggest Christmas tree this hall has ever seen. The Christmas tree as high as three meters can bring joy to the community for a number of years.

St. Nikolas also visited the kids, greeted them and gave them sweet gifts.

The students of the Child and Youth Activity Center took active part in the party. Nastya, one of the girls, learned and sang two songs. The small girl is impressed about changes that happened during only one month:

— I used to have my rehearsals here, now the hall looks totally different. It is a pleasure to be here. Today I sang the songs «The snow is falling» and «Happy St. Nikolas’».

Iryna Buzhor, director of the Child and Youth Activity Center cherishes her hopes for continuous partnership with the Company to realize together many other interesting and useful projects for the kids.

The Company believes that child welfare is our investment into the future. Helping them to develop is the responsibility of companies. This is why it is confident that such investment proves to be effective and such partnership endures over the years.

We remember that it is not the first time that KUB-GAS renders charitable aid to citizens of Kharkiv region, and not the last one for sure. In cooperation with local community business is able to make the future of children better and happier.

Social projects

are an important component of the Burisma Group's activities

From well to house: who helps the gas “to find its way” to our homes

Most of us have never pondered on the question how gas comes to our houses. How many people are engaged into the process of gas production – this information is not much widespread.  Most people know only about geologists and drillers. (more…)