From well to house: who helps the gas “to find its way” to our homes

3 December 2018

Most of us have never pondered on the question how gas comes to our houses. How many people are engaged into the process of gas production – this information is not much widespread.  Most people know only about geologists and drillers.

In reality, gas producing industry includes dozens of various professions. Each of them is interesting and useful.  

Let’s learn more about it on the example of KUB-GAS LLC and its operations.

KUB-GAS: how gas is produced

KUB-GAS has been working in Ukraine since 2000. The company has two producing fields: Makiyivske and Olgivske. Company’s Complex Gas Treatment Facility and Production base serving for maintaining the production process, are located nearby.

Sophisticated equipment requires to be operated by highly qualified personal. According to Viktor Kucherenko, the chief engineer of KUB-GAS, the company ensures specialized training for the personnel.

«Around 300 persons have been employed by the company, those are skilled professionals who constantly upgrade their professional skills and take training courses», — Viktor Kucherenko tells.

The Company has been certified in accordance with International standards. In July this year KUB-GAS has successfully passed the audit and confirmed its compliance with requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. The audit was conducted by well-known international company Bureau Veritas.

It all starts from a well

As majority of other gas producers, KUB-GAS would not be able to work without gas fields and wells from which hydrocarbons are extracted.

Gas from the wells of Makiyivske and Olgivske fields goes to Complex Gas Treatment Facility (CGTF).

According to Artyom Zinovyi, deputy technical director for production of oil, gas and condensate, the capacity of CGTF at Makiyivske field is about 1 million cubic meters of gas per day. The facility treats gas from four wells.

Next, Yurii Danko, the manager of gas treatment facilities of Makiyivske and Olgivske fields told us about Company’s currently producing wells:

«Well number 20 is one of the biggest wells of Makiyivske field. Its depth is 2000 meters. Gas goes from the well to CGTF by the flowline, where it is purified from contaminants and fluids. Then, purified quality gas goes to the main pipeline».

Operators monitor the well 24 hours a day. All the processes of gas treatment are automated.

Next step – Complex Gas Treatment Facility (CGTF). 

Production base represents the unique repair shop. Ensuring field development is also one of the main tasks for the production base. 

The Production base has large territory and is equipped with new mechanisms. The area is over 3 hectares. The renovation of the base started in 2010 and now it has turned into a powerful site with modern equipment using which the Company can achieve its goals.

Oleksandr Kuznetsov is the head of production base.

«Main purpose of the production base is to ensure stable work of Company’s production units. These include gas treatment unit, drilling and workover unit, chief mechanist and chief power engineer services, instrumental and measurement laboratory, vehicle department, and other departments», — he explains.

Production base is the place where we store unique Snubbing unit which was manufactured in Canada. The Unit allows perform works on the well without killing it. KUB-GAS uses the Snubbing unit not only on its own wells, but also uses it to provide services for fellow-companies.

Andrii Kucheriyavyi, the deputy head of drilling and workover unit, speaks about the new equipment:

«We perform workover operations in the wells, replace the tubing, etc, to increase well production. In 2011 the hydraulic unit for snubbing operations was delivered. So far this is the only unit in Ukraine of such kind and we own it. We have learned to operate it for three years. Currently we are able to replace the tubing hangers under pressure without killing the well. This technology allows us to maintain our production».

Olga Sklyarova, first deputy of KUB-GAS’s subsidiary, told us about her experience of work for KUB-GAS:

«I work together with people, who started here from the scratch, like myself. Now they are our headliners and ensure company development. We have a lot of work. Basically, very often we work in several directions simultaneously, which is interesting and stimulating. Our management has established good communication with the team. All our work places have been equipped in accordance with regulatory requirements: we provide social insurance, official and respectable salary. Everyone knows that if you are a KUB-GAS employee, it means that you are a professional in your sphere, that you are flexible and able to work both within the team and individually. We have no accidental people in our team».

Safety is main goal

The Company has the emergency alarm system which sends signal to the Ministry of Emergency Situation, if necessary.

«The Emergency alarm system registers pressure exceeding the normal operational limits, any leaks of gas, condensate, etc. All our assets are equipped with high-fidelity gas meters. As soon as the breach of technological parameters is recorded, the signal goes to a specialized system which processes it and sends to the central monitoring panel of the Ministry of Emergency Situation», — Gennadii Burkov, the head of instrumental and measurement service, explains.

Company and the local communities: 18 years of partnership

KUB-Gas employees believe that day-to-day communication with locals is very important.

Viktor Kucherenko, the chief engineer, tells that the Company constantly cooperates with local communities on the territory of which the KUB-GAS works.

«Our activity is governed by the rule: welfare of local people and company employees is the ultimate goal. We strive to identify the problems the local people face, and to reach mutual understanding, we try to be flexible».

During all 18 years of its history, the Company continues to support local communities in developing their infrastructure. Within the framework of financial assistance to the municipalities, the Company annually grants financial aid for repair of roads, village cultural centers, educational establishments, allocates funds for medical equipment.

Yaroslava Fonina



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