Burisma Group systematically helps defenders of Ukraine and ATO veterans

23 October 2019

Since the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the international energy group Burisma has been providing systematic and comprehensive assistance to the defenders of the Fatherland.

Among the military, whom the Burisma Group has supported since 2014, is the Poltava Special Purpose Police Battalion, which has repeatedly served in the war zone in the Donbass.

“From the beginning of the aggravation of the situation in eastern Ukraine and to this day, volunteers have been helping us to cope with the difficulties of military service.One of the most active volunteers for all these years has been and remains the Burisma group, employees, management and shareholder of which are constantly helping us”, was noted by the Poltava Special Purpose Police Battalion.

The aid that the battalion receives from the Burisma Group is not only systemic, but also comprehensive. In particular, the group provides the defenders of the Fatherland with fuel and lubricants, transport, spare parts, necessary materials, food, etc.

“Defenders of the Fatherland provide the defense of Ukraine, stand on the protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Helping them with this is the honorable mission of every company and every citizen. We understand this, therefore the shareholder and the Board of Directors of Burisma Group pay great attention to the issues of providing defenders who serve in the war zone with the necessary assistance. And we will help them until the war in Ukraine ends”, was noted by the Burisma Group.

Also, as part of social projects, the Burisma group constantly provides charity and sponsorship assistance to veteran organizations of international warriors and ATO soldiers.

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