Burisma Group Donates Equipment to Olexeyevka Community on 25th School Anniversary

24 September 2018

Within its local communities’ outreach program, the International Energy Group Burisma has donated latest Smart TV equipment to the Olexeyevka Secondary School (Krasnokutskyi district, Kharkiv region) on its 25th anniversary.

The chief engineer at Systemoilengineering (one of Burisma’s operating companies) Grygoryi Sushko congratulated the schoolchildren and local residents on behalf of the Group.
“The school is the glue that holds the community together. A lot of its graduates have been with us for a long time, making the Group bigger and better. I do believe it is time we gave back”, said CEO at Burisma Group Taras Burdeynyi. 
“Our friends from Systemoilengineering have always been there for us, ready to help, and today, we are delighted to have them join our celebration of the 25th school anniversary”, noted the School principal Alyona Zhelnovach.  
Burisma Group has a longstanding tradition of helping children from various social institutions through a number of its ongoing social initiatives. 
“We are happy to be a part of this celebration and make a gift to everyone, who loves this school and wants to see the kids thrive”, says Mr Burdeynyi.
According to him, in the coming years the Group will continue the tradition of helping rural schools.

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