Social projects

Social projects are an important component of the Burisma Group's activities
The Burisma Group operating companies maintain high standards of social responsibility, reveal the best practices of supporting local initiatives and cooperating with the local communities, restoring historical and religious landmarks, fulfilling infrastructure projects that facilitate important social issues settlement. In 2018 the list of the charity projects, supported by the Burisma Group companies, was enlarged with the biggest in Ukraine Chornomorski Ihry (the Black Sea Games) children song festival. For its active participation in promoting the business charity culture and fulfilling significant social projects the Burisma Group was acknowledged to be the winner of the Charitable Ukraine national contest and was awarded with the Angel of the Goodness special prize. The group is regularly recognized to be one of the most reputable and reliable investors in the oil and gas industry of Ukraine and contributes to the business corporate responsibility development both in Ukraine and globally.
A new dancing class for the kinds is presented by KUB-GAS to Child and Youth Activity Center in Borova on St. Nikolas Day

It has already been mentioned about the sad condition of the Child and Youth Activity Center in Borova. Every day, it is attended by several hundreds of local children. Here they go into various sport or handcraft sections, learn to play chess, to dance, etc.


From well to house: who helps the gas “to find its way” to our homes

Most of us have never pondered on the question how gas comes to our houses. How many people are engaged into the process of gas production – this information is not much widespread.  Most people know only about geologists and drillers. (more…)

Burisma Groups Provides Rural Schools with Latest Equipment

An average rural school today greatly surpasses schools of the past. Earlier, schools used to lack textbooks, so parents had to obtain them with their own funds. Desks and other furniture have not been replaced since mid 20th centuary.


Burisma Group supports Ukraine’s largest kids festival “Chornomorski Games”

Ongoing support for talented children is a major part of the corporate social responsibility program exercised by Ukraine’s largest gas producing company.


Burisma Group Donates Equipment to Olexeyevka Community on 25th School Anniversary

Within its local communities’ outreach program, the International Energy Group Burisma has donated latest Smart TV equipment to the Olexeyevka Secondary School (Krasnokutskyi district, Kharkiv region) on its 25th anniversary.


New school year: Burisma Group provides educational supplies for students and schools

According to Burisma Group officials, the company cares for the children’s future and wishes that the rising generation have access to modern technology (more…)

Burisma Group Wins “Charitable Ukraine-2017″

The Philanthropists’ Association of Ukraine and the Organizing Committee of the “Charitable Ukraine-2017” declared international energy group Burisma winner of the contest in the category “Big business’s charity” and awarded the company with a special prize “Angel of Goodness”. (more…)

Burisma Puts Finishing Touches to the Church of Saint Nicholas of Myra over Easter Week

In the week leading up to Easter, the Church of Saint Nicholas of Myra has opened its doors to parishioners for the first time. For years now, one of Ukraine’s leading gas producers, the International Energy Group Burisma owned by Nikolay Zlochevskyi has been a loyal benefactor to the church.


Burisma helps to Trach village council

In the subsidized, not very interesting for tourists or agrarians, the village councils and communities of Kosmichy and Kolomyyshchy also have a chance for development. The grounds for optimism are deep in the bowels. Here on Gutsulivsky and Pylypivsky deposits gas is extracted.

Proceeds from Rent Payments to Increase Valky Budget by 20%

From the start of 2018, local budgets received substantial rent revenues. Local authorities shared what these funds would be spent on.