Burisma Holdings supports the USAID educational initiative two years in a row

10 February 2016

Burisma Holdings, the largest independent gas producer in Ukraine, will be joining the educational initiative of the USAID project “Municipal energy reform in Ukraine” and the Ukrainian educational center for training journalists on reforming energy and increasing energy efficiency.

The goal of the initiative is educating Ukrainians on energy consumption, as well as changing the mindset of people into a more responsible and energy-saving one. The experts from the USAID “Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine” project are convinced that it is necessary to start with opinion-makers, i.e. the journalists that usually cover topics relating to energy and utility reforms from a negative angle. With this in mind, the USAID, the Ukrainian educational center for reforms and Burisma Holdings will be holding a series of workshops to provide journalists with most extensive information on energy efficiency, Ukraine’s energy potential, alternative energy sources, law on energy initiatives and European experience in the field of energy security. 

Journalists from 13 regions of Ukraine will be taking part in a new contest for the best-written energy publication.

“For us, this project is more than just a chance to fill the information vacuum, when it comes to ways of saving energy. We strive to give journalists comprehensive information to cover energy topics impartially and responsibly. High-quality journalism is an extremely important component in a democratic society, as it helps the community improve the environment”, – noted Advisor to the Board of Directors at Burisma Holdings Vadym Pozharskyi.

As a socially responsible company, Burisma Holdings uses latest innovative technologies in natural gas production. Modern equipment allows the company to produce energy in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.

In Ukraine, Burisma Holdings is a pioneer in using technologies of drilling from two horizons at the same time, and the only gas producer, not using water in the process of extracting hydrocarbons.

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