Burisma Group Starts Auxiliary 3D Seismic Studies On Karaykozivske Field

6 May 2020

Burisma Group has started auxiliary seismic studies in 3D format on the Karaykozivske field (Kharkiv region) which will make it easier to select locations for planned wells, improve drilling process and, accordingly, increase the Group’s production reserves. The efforts will be carried out on the area of approximately 227 sq. km.

It is worth reminding that 3D seismic works had been performed on the Karaykozivske oil and gas condensate field earlier. Their results were taken into account when the Group was drilling five new productive wells. Auxiliary research and the obtained results will allow to fully reveal its potential taking into account the complicated geological settings.

At the same time, seismic studies have been completed on the Klubanivsko-Zubrenkivska field. The works were also performed in 3D format on the area exceeding 160 sq. km. The obtained data were transferred to Geounit LLC for cross-examination and interpretation.

Besides that, the works on processing of field seismic data in 3D format on the Vodianivske field, Kharkiv region, are on the stage of completion. The efforts are carried out in cooperation with Schlumberger – the leader of seismic data processing and interpretation.

“Processing of seismic survey data using modern methods will allow us to obtain information with high resolution and precise representation of the subsurface structure details. Thanks to this information we shall have the capabilities to significantly raise gas withdrawal from the Vodianivske field, having outlined the most prospective proven sites for drilling deep wells,” said Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeinyi.

To recap, in November 2020, Burisma Group completed drilling works for yet another well No. 3 with the depth of 6,042 m on the Vodianivske deposit. In course of boring, the Service King Manufacturing SK 3000 drilling machine was used. It was the seventh in order of Voidanivske deposit wells exceeding the depth of 5,000 m and the second in order exceeding the depth of 6,000 m.

According to the plan, in 2020, Burisma Group is to carry out seismic operations with investments over UAH 600 million.

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