Burisma Group Leading On Ukraine’s Drilling Market

30 April 2020

In April, Burisma Group started drilling a new well No.7 on the Zhuravlyna structure of Derkachivsko-Voitenkivska area in Kharkiv region. The well will be bored to the depth of 4,000 m. The works are expected to be completed in July 2020.

The drilling efforts will be carried out by pitless method with full waste recycling using a Uralmash 4E drilling machine equipped with a modern treatment system.

Besides the well No.7, currently, the company has begun drilling the well No.4-Skhidno-Rakytnianska on the Rakytnianske deposit with a projected depth of 3,980 m. The works are performed with the US drilling machine Gardner Denver. In total, there are four wells in the process of boring.

“We are using pitless method and sludge decantation technology aided by a special dehydrator to drill all the wells. This way of boring conforms with the best international environmental standards,” says Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeinyi.

Currently, Burisma Group is a leader in Ukraine in terms of new wells that started drilling in 2020.

“Despite the complicated economic and subsurface conditions, in 2020, Burisma Group continues to carry out building of new wells according to the plan. We understand that each of those wells takes Ukraine one more step closer to its energy independence,” Taras Burdeinyi adds.

According to the investment program, in 2020, Burisma Group plans to drill 14 new wells on the Karaykozivske, Vodianivske and Rakytnianske fields of the Zhuravlyna structure on Derkachivsko-Voitenkivska area, Klubanivsko-Zubrenkivske area, as well as other sites.

Burisma Group keeps investing in innovative technologies. Today it owns 20 drilling machines with lifting capacities ranging from 112 to 680 tons. Among them is the SK 3000 – the largest land machine in Eastern and Central Europe.

Operations and achievements of Burisma Group are aimed at reliable energy supply, as well as energy and environmental safety of the country. Company’s development strategy promotes strengthening of energy independence of Ukraine.

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