Burisma Group Handles Five Intensification

16 May 2017


Since the beginning of 2017, International Energy Group Burisma has performed five successful intensification. Three of them were performed at Burisma’s fields and two – at the fields of other Ukrainian gas producers. Burisma intensification its Stepkivska, Makiyivska and Kaponivska gas areas together with the US provider of hydraulic fracturing services ProPetro Services.

“This is our next step in boosting domestic gas production. By the end of this year we are going to perform over 10 fracs applying well stimulation technique. We successfully did intensification at fields, where other companies didn’t achieve positive results”, admitted CEO for Ukrainian operations at Burisma Group Taras Burdeinyi.

Last year, Burisma Group acquired two intensification fleets, including 15 pump units with total capacity of 35000 hp from the leading oil & gas company ProPetro Services. In the US alone, the company performed over 10 000 fracs. This acquisition made Burisma the owner of the largest intensification fleet in Ukraine and helped the company relaunch idle or unproductive wells, where conventional oil & gas production became impossible or unprofitable.
According to Mr. Burdeynyi, Burisma’s fracking fleet will allow it to do over 100 frac jobs per year. 

“We encourage all Ukrainian gas producers to benefit from intensification technology to aid Ukraine’s oil & gas production. With the assistance from US ProPetro experts and innovative equipment, we can participate in tenders for provision of services to other oil & gas companies, including Ukraine’s largest gas producer UkrGasVydobuvannya”, noted Taras Burdeynyi. 

In Ukraine, intensification technology isn’t common yet, whereas in the US, over 1 million fracs are performed annually. Adopting best international practices locally will significantly contribute to domestic oil & gas production.

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