Burisma Group Continues Infrastructure Development At Its Fields

12 June 2020

The scheduled increase of natural gas and gas-condensate production requires expansion of capacities for their storage.

In May, the capacities of natural gas and gas-condensate storage reservoir facilities were increased up to 2,500 thousand cubic meters at the Karaykozivske field (Kharkiv region) by Esco-Pivnich gas production company, which is a part of Burisma Group.

“Despite the unfavorable energy carriers situation on the world markets, Burisma Group continues to invest into increasing the volumes of domestic natural gas production. These efforts contribute to the energy security and energy independence of Ukraine,” says Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeinyi.

According to him, Burisma Group is continuously investing funds into the ground infrastructure. In particular, in 2020, the Group plans to build new gas pipelines and facilities for propane cooling of natural gas, reconstruct its Complex gas treatment unit, continue the construction project of a condensate stabilization unit and a plant for deep extraction of propane-butane mixture (technical propane butane mixture or LPG) from natural gas.

Burisma Group remains an advocate of environmentally-friendly business and prefers solutions that help preserve the environment.

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