Burisma Group Completing Pre-Drilling Activities For New Well At Zhuravlyna Structure Of Derkachivsko-Voitenivska Area, Kharkiv Region

12 March 2020

It is planned that the well No.7 will be bored to the depth of 4,000 m. The works are expected to be completed in July 2020, which corresponds to the scheduled timeframes for boring.

Drilling will be carried out by pitless method with complete disposal of waste using a Uralmash 4E machine equipped with a state-of-the-art purification system.

“Hundreds of millions of cubic meters of gas that we are expecting to get from the new well is not only an achievement of the Group, but also an essential benefit for the country’s gas balance,” said Taras Burdeinyi, Burisma Group CEO.

According to the investment plan, in 2020, Burisma Group plans to bore 15 new wells at the Karaykozivske, Vodianivske and Rakytnianske fields, at the Zhuravlyna structure of Derkachivsko-Voitenivska area, Klubanivsko-Zubrenkivska area and other fields.

In addition to drilling, Burisma Group is actively investing in the ground infrastructure. In particular, in 2020, the group plans to build new gas pipelines and facilities for propane cooling of natural gas, reconstruct its Complex gas treatment unit, continue the construction project of a condensate stabilization unit and a plant for deep extraction of propane-butane mixture (technical propane butane mixture or LPG) from natural gas.

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