Burisma Group completing drilling two ultra-deep wells at Kubashivska and Klubanivsko-Zubrenkivska areas in Kharkiv region

23 September 2020

The international energy group Burisma is completing the drilling efforts and getting prepared for start-up at two ultra-deep wells — No.1 at the Kubashivska area and No.1 at the Klubanivsko-Zubrenkivska area in Kharkiv region.

Each of these wells is more than 6,000 m deep. In particular, the depth of the well No.1 at the Kubashivska area exceeds 6,450 m.

The depth of the well No.1 at the Klubanivsko-Zubrenkivska area is approximately 6,100 m. The boring works are carried out with the Drill Mac drilling machine.

Currently, Burisma is the leader of Ukraine in terms of number of new wells that started drilling this year.

According to the investment program, in 2020, Burisma Group plans to drill new wells on the Karaykozivske, Vodianivske and Rakytnianske fields of the Zhuravlyna structure on Derkachivsko-Voitenkivska area, Klubanivsko-Zubrenkivska area, as well as other sites.

Burisma Group is using pitless method and sludge decantation technology aided by a special dehydrator to drill all the wells. This way of boring conforms with the best international environmental standards.

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