Burisma Group is implementing a project for the construction of a turbo expander unit at the gas distribution station of the Vodianovskoye field

13 October 2020

The development of a project for the construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline with a length of 8,200 m is now being completed, which will unite the Zhuravlin structure of the Derkachevsko-Voitenkovskaya area and the Vodyanovskoye UKGV for supplying natural gas to the gas distribution station of the Vodyanovskoye field, where it will be deeply cleaned from the propane-butane mixture using a turbo-expander unit SPBT or LPG).

According to preliminary estimates, the total amount invested by Burisma Group into the project will exceed UAH 1 billion.

The turbo-expander unit will allow Burisma Group to improve extracted gas processing, increase extraction profitability, and reduce production costs. It will also allow for a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will create hundreds of new jobs and increase the volume of annual tax payments by tens of millions of hryvnias.

“Implementation of this project carries a huge importance not only for our Group, but for the entire country as well. Because it will allow to open new jobs with salaries exceeding the market average in the region, the amount of tax payments will increase, and the level of environmental and energy safety of Ukraine will improve,” — mentioned Taras Burdeinyi, Burisma Group CEO.

The turbo-expander unit’s capacity exceeds 1.8 mln cubic meters of gas per day. Project construction is at the stage of completion, it will be gradually put into operation during 2021.

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