Burisma Group brings in new well at Karaykozivske field

8 July 2020

On June 19, the international group Burisma completed drilling operations on the new exploration well No.36 at the Karaykozivske field (Khrarkiv region) and started using it for production.

The well is 5,600 m deep and was drilled with the help of Uralmash 3D well rig.

The new well’s flush production rate exceeded 250 thousand cubic meters of gas and 145 tons of condensate per day. The daily production of the wellsite turned out to be higher than expected.

In less than 24 hours after the new well was brought in, the gas extracted and processed according to the state standards was supplied by Burisma Group to the gas transportation system of Ukraine.

“State of the art technologies and unique solutions used in the process of construction and testing of the well No.36 allowed us obtain a high hydrocarbons inflow. After additional research, I hope that we shall be able to start drilling new wells in this block and, accordingly, increase the Group’s production reserves, which will help strengthen the energy independence of Ukraine,” said Taras Burdeinyi, Burisma Group CEO.

According to his words, the Group is expecting positive changes in the price situation on the global market of energy carriers, which would allow to improve the profit margin of gas production efforts, and therefore invest more into prospecting and building new wells in Ukraine. This would promote country’s further steps in the direction of highest possible energy independence and security.

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