Burisma Group Boosts Exploration in Kharkiv region

4 October 2018
Following exploration and drilling operations on Zhuravlyna area of the Derkachivsk-Voitenivsk block in Kharkiv region, Burisma Group discovered a productive C-4 horizon. 
 “The application of latest technology has allowed us to fully assess the potential of this site. Today, we can confirm gas saturation of the upper-surpukhiv C-4 horizon. Preliminary test results suggest a gas flow rate of 120 thousand cubic meters and a condensate flow rate of 60 cubic meters per day. We have already carried out large-scale 3D seismic surveys on the Derkachivsk-Voitenivsk block and started interpreting the data to obtain an in-depth study of Zhuravlyna gas content and identify new drilling points,” says Burisma Group CEO Taras Burdeynyi.  
Within 6 months of 2018, Burisma Group conducted 3D seismic exploration on an area of 176 square meters. The Group signed contracts with several foreign companies to cross-examine and interpret the data. By the end of 2018, it is going to perform seismic works on an area of more than 400 square kilometers. 
According to Taras Burdeynyi, in September, the Group launched its seismic equipment on the Rakytnyanske field and started another study on the Ohultsovske field, where it is already exploiting an exploratory well. 
“Once we have performed all required works and interpreted seismic data, we will continue to drill exploratory wells in order to boost gas production,” says Taras Burdeynyi. 
All field work is carried out using latest US seismic equipment, including Scorpion, ARAM and RSR systems.

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