Burisma Drills Another Well 5225 m Deep at Karaykozivske Field

28 August 2016

International Group Burisma finished drilling a new well (№32) within the licensed area of Karaykozivsk (Karaykozivske field) and brought it into operation. This information was reported on the official website of the company. Well-related works were carried out for more than five years. The whole area was evaluated over this period, having conducted a 3D-seismic survey and having drilled a few exploratory wells. According to the results of specifying works in 2015, well-related works at the well №32 continued, having been completed in July 2016.

The new well is located at the highest point of the field, under optimal geological conditions. The well is 5150 m deep, while the total length of the borehole amounts to 5225 m with a 36° angle of inclination.

Initial production volume reached 290 thousand cubic meters of gas and 100 cubic meters of gas condensate per day. Thus, after the well was put into operation, the daily production rate turned out to be higher than expected. In the near future, it is planned to drill another few wells within the Karaykozivske field.

“Detailed geological structure research and the state-of-art equipment allow us to implement a strategy that would increase gas production volumes at the fields with difficult geological conditions. This well is particular also because its exploration started a few years ago, and the drilling process was complex. Construction of the directional well, which exceeded the planned length measurements, serves as a proof of the geological research we conducted, having reached productive horizons”, noted Taras Burdeynyi, CEO for Ukrainian operations.

Planned production rate within Karaykozivske field exceeds 1 mln. cubic meters of gas per day.

According to the Burisma website, the company plans to drill 12 wells, following the results of 2016 that will allow it to increase the total number of wells up to 70.