Burisma and US Dawson Geophysical Start Joint Work in Ukraine

5 July 2016
Burisma, largest national independent gas producer with assets in Ukraine, Italy and Kazakhstan, has acquired unique geophysical research and seismic exploration equipment for field development and natural gas production in Ukraine. 
According to company’s CEO for Ukrainian operations Taras Burdeiniy, the equipment will be maintained by American crews and specialists from Dawson Geophysical, America’s leading provider of onshore seismic data acquisition services with more 60 years of expertise.  
“It is definitely a unique experience for Ukrainian gas production. Gas reservoirs in Ukraine are an important research object, especially in terms of energy security solutions that the Ukrainian government is currently seeking”, – noted Taras Burdeinyi.
The innovative seismic equipment from Dawson Geophysical, including 40 thousand channels and 30 seismic vibrators, allows to fully meet own seismic needs, as well as to cover large areas providing high-quality seismic data. According to Taras Burdeiniy, such technological equipment is missing in Ukraine. The closest analogue used by the Ukrainian companies has only 6,000 channels. American experts are also deploying a new fleet using hydraulic fracturing technology (HFTC), consisting of 15 pumps with total capacity of 35,000 HP. 
“Tech run will be done on 5 wells at various fields developed by Burisma Group in Ukraine. This will help optimize performance of wells in order to “revive” idle or unproductive wells where conventional gas production is either impossible or unprofitable, “- said Taras Burdeiniy.
In addition, Burisma introduced the technology of directional drilling on Ukrainian fields for industrial consumers at 2800 m deep wells with more than 600 m intervals installed in only 25 days. 
The first such well drilled and put into operation is located on the Proletarske field in the Dnipropetrovsk region.
“Over the last year, Burisma expanded its rig fleet with American drilling rigs, including SK-1000 and SK-3000 with load capacity of 680 tons (the most powerful drilling rig in Ukraine). With the assistance of American crews, we increased our technological capabilities. Today, we are ready to work with this technology on an industrial scale promoting a more active development and commissioning of new fields. We are also ready to offer this technology to other companies, “- said Taras Burdeiniy.
According to him, by the end of July, the Group is planning to put into operation another three directional wells. In 2016, Burisma intends to drill 16 wells for depth more than 5,000 meters, and from 5 to 7 wells for depth less than 5,000 meters. 
Currently, seismic work is carried out on four sites at once.