Burisma Group is the leading private natural gas producer operating in Ukraine. Offering a wide range of services, we are the first and only fully integrated gas operator in Ukraine engaged in the exploration, production, processing, transportation, and final sale of hydrocarbons
The Group uses innovative seismic equipment to carry out efficient exploration without negative impact on the environment. The fleet has 40,000 channels and 30 fully equipped seismic vibrators for geological research.
Burisma Group operates the largest drilling fleet in the country, including 20 machines of various modifications and capacities. The SK 3000 drilling rig with a lifting capacity of 680 metric tons is among them. This is the most powerful machine tool in Ukraine and the CIS. Our technology allows drilling wells up to 10,000 meters deep. The latest equipment makes it possible to achieve the best performance in the industry as only 23 days are required to drill a 2,900-meter deep well, including mounting and dismantling.
Burisma Group performs well repair works, provides services of hydraulic fracturing (fracturing), and offers integrated infrastructure solutions for private and public enterprises in the oil and gas sector. Burisma Group operates the largest hydraulic fracturing fleet in the country consisting of 15 pumps with a total capacity of 35,000 horsepower.
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In 15 years of work the company has united the best specialists in the field of hydrocarbon exploration and production, services and innovative solutions. We are constantly working to build an energy independent Ukraine #EnergySecurityUkraine
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